Friday, June 26, 2015

Top 10 Companies to Hire Android Developers

In this modern world, where every other person likes to do his tasks through his smartphone, mobile apps are making a great stand for themselves. Businesses have realized this and now are jumping towards the mobile arena, especially android as it has over 75% of smartphone users worldwide. Not all the companies can develop their android app by themselves. They usually outsource this task to other professional organisations.

Here is a list of top 10 android development companies, that may help you decide which one to go for -

ValueCoders is a well experienced company that provide various services, including android app development. Their exceptionally talented and innovative teams have the ability to deliver the projects of varying sizes and complexity and fit the requirements of every project perfectly. They are known to give excellent outsourcing experience and top quality results.

Founded in 2003, Konstant Info is an award winning mobile app development company having over 13 years of experience. With extensive technical skills, their proficient team of over 170 developers have successfully delivered variety solutions to their customers

With highlighting some exceptional success stories for their apps made for fortune 1000 companies, TechAhead is quickly rising the elevator of popularity. They claims to have 100% success in AppStore approval with quick turn around time. Though TechAhead was founded in 2009, but with their bright technical minds, they have managed to gain the spotlight.

Globo is continuously expanding enterprise mobility industry that caters to the mobility needs of a business. With its own mobile app development platform, it provides data security, app development and management solutions. Having their office in United States, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and Australia, their teams operates internationally.

It’s a leading software mobile app company if U.S and India. Their knowledgeable team holds the expertise to quickly take large scale projects, giving the value for money. They have the experience of designing over 500 apps and claims to bring enhance value results to the customers.

Founded in 2007, IntellectSoft group, a mobile software development service provider, has been holding a strong post in the market since its beginning. Their offices are located in London, Silicon Valley, Minsk, and Oslo, that provides a cost-effective way to the clients to benefit from the local teams. With strong technical skills and the abilities, they holds the expertise to take a project to its limits.

Mobisoft Infotech
Specializing in android, iOS and BB enterprise app development, Mobitech is popular for providing commendable results to their customers. It is based in Houston and was founded in 2009. Their team comprises of high caliber developers, versed in complex development standards.

Sourcebits is a dedicated mobile app development company. They have been delighting their customers with beautiful and innovative apps since 2006. With a focus on lifetime success of an app, they have build several apps for social media, retail services, enterprise mobility trends, etc.

Y Media Labs
With a mission to help their customers see, what they can’t see themselves, Y Media Labs has acquired well customer base through elite brands. Since their beginning in 2008, they have been spanning the globe for innovative ideas to bring them to life.

PhD Labs
PhD Labs consider themselves as an app’s life coach that make sure it reaches it’s full potential. They have over 16 years of experience and are one of the oldest in the market. Based in United States, they help to navigate the business hiccups with their solutions.

All the above companies are the giants of android development arena and never fails to amaze their clients with their phenomenal results.